Special Topics: Spring Quarter


We will be breaking up the class into sub-groups based on project interests. Every week there will be group check-ins, status updates, or show and shares to help keep you on track with your project and to give you more feedback as you progress. These groups are to be used as you see fit to better help you along.

There will be mandatory check-ins with me (twice during the quarter, schedule it with me. Only 7 students/day)

There will be final presentations during the sixth week of class (The week of May 9th). Be prepared to present your work on the overhead projector and either email me a link to your blog or drop a presentation PDF into my lessons folder: Jill's Dropbox.

Idea pitches for what you would like to do for this quarter.

Before we leave today I'd like to establish what your approach and game plan will be to help you accomplish your project, e.g. creating timelines, using your blog effectively, check-ins with your sub-group/me, meeting with people in the industry, etc.


Grading will be based on attendance, project progress updates (your check-in with me), keeping on track with your project, and your final deliverable(s).