WEEK 1: What is brand? How is a brand is developed.
Brand Process, Mission Statement & positioning


Quarter Timeline, Quarter Deliverables, Quarter Presentation Template.
Lecture: What is brand? How is a brand developed. Brand Guide Books.

In class assignment:
Develop your brand purpose/mission (what your company does).


Lecture: Brand positioning & brand promise.

Starbucks Sample: Starbuck corporate site, Starbucks brand positioning, 6 reasons Starbucks marketing communications strategy is so effective, How Starbucks became a social media model, Starbucks integrated marketing, Stanley Hainsworth (Tether) on Starbucks branding, Starbucks YouTube channel, Starbucks launches its first brand campaign: Meet me at Starbucks, Starbucks advertising, Starbucks logo refresh.

In class assignment:
Develop brand position statement and brand position attributes for your company (why your company is different).

Develop your brand promise (what the company will strive to do in order to make the brand statement and brand positioning come true)



Part 1: Finish up your 3 character traits & mission statement from class - to be handed in next week.

Part 2: Working in the big client team, create/write up your Brand Positioning, Brand Attributes (you can add more options than what is listed in each territory), Brand Territory and Brand Promise. Follow the handout packet, page-by-page. Try to create a rough draft of this by next week so that I can answer any of the questions you might have at the beginning of class next week. All elements from “Part 2” will be due/handed in Week 3.

Part 3: Working as individual designers or in your teams of 2: start building your tonal territories. Use the tagged images from your Brand Character Exercise (Who am I?) and complement those images with an image search for your brand. Start to find images (both related and not related to your brand’s industry) which fit the 3 character traits of your company. Do the same process for color(s) and type for your tonal territories. To be completed (but NOT handed in) by Week 3.


Click these Links:

Quarter Timeline (pdf)
Quarter Deliverables (pdf)

Final Presentation Template (pdf)

What is brand? And how is brand developed? (pdf)
Company Character (pdf)

Thinkmap’s Visual Thesaurus (site)

Positioning (pdf)






Asye Birsel Quote (pdf)

Quarter Timeline (pdf)

Quarter Deliverables (pdf)

Final Presentation Template (pdf)

What is a brand? (pdf)

Company Character (pdf)

Positioning & Promise (pdf)

Types of Brandmarks (pdf)

Lettermark Sprint Checklist (pdf)

Abstract Mark Sprint (pdf)




What they don't teach you in design school...

Paula Scher on brand


The planning of a brand experience

The consumer decision journey

The brand touchpoint matrix


Finding your brand’s emotional truth

Creating Value Propositions


Sample brand style guides


Famous Logos
CreativBloq: many branding articles


Brand Quarterly Magazine

Branding Magazine


Thinkmap’s Visual Thesaurus

Skillshare: Brand Identity: Design Adaptable Branding Systems (Paula Scher)

Aaron Draplin’s logo design challenge

Skillshare: Logo Design the Draplin Way

George Bakhua: Logo Design with Grids

George Bokhua—Mastering Logo Design: Gridding with the Golden Ratio


Brand Trends

Big Brands to Watch Out for in 2018

Trendwatching (Asia & US/Europe)

Landor: Trendwatch 2018

Packaging: 7 Key Brand Trends

Marketing Trends 2018

1 Graphic Design Trends 2018

2 Graphic Design Trends 2018

3 Graphic Design Trends 2018

Popular Brand Stories of 2017

Slideshare: The Future of Retail

Forbes — The 62 Brands Young Americans Love Most


Pantone: Color Trend Forecasting 2019

WGSN: Infuential Trends for S/S 18

WGSN: Macro Trends for 2019


Case Studies: How Brands are innovating on YouTube

Case Studies: 30+ Instagram Brands, Campaigns

1 Brands and Snapchat

2 Brands and Snapchat

2 How Brands are using Snapchat

1 Brands and Twitter

2 Brands and Twitter

3 Brands and Twitter

Case Studies: Brand Ambassadors

Brands and Influencers

Forbes: Brands and MicroInfluencers rates



Brand Case studies

Brooklyn Fare

Fred Hutch

Apple ”Think Different” Steve Jobs

Apple ”Think Different” Ads

Apple "Think Different" Commercial

The Story behind Apple ”Think Different” Campaign Ad

Nike ”Just Do It” Campaign





Brand agencies

The Brand Union

Ferro Concrete


Chermayeff and Geismar and Haviv

Ogilvy and Mather


Wolff Olins

Landor Associates



Liquid Agency

Wieden + Kennedy

Total Identity


siegel + gale

Starter list of Brand Agencies


Seattle Brand agencies


Hornall Anderson





Phinney Bischoff




Urban Influence


States of Matter

Wick & Mortar



Fell Swoop


The Hilt

Belief Agency




Designing brand identity

Building better brands

The brand gap


Brand Bible

Logo design workbook

Logo design love

The logo brainstorm book

How Brands Become Icons: The Principles of Cultural Branding

Unbranding: 100 Branding Lessons for the Age of Disruption