Week 1: The week of April 3RD

Introduction to the grid:

Welcome back!

We will be starting off the quarter with an introduction to types of grids, we'll learn methods for making grids in Indesign and then practice using grids in class.


Homework: Experimenting with a multi-column grid

The goal of this assignment will be to experiment with multi-column grids in order to design a 15" x 20" poster influenced by the International Typographic Style.

Work with your quad mates (optional) to research and examine designs from the International Typographic Style (also known as Swiss Style). Find out the time era this style was popular and some of the designers who worked in this style. Obtain 5–10 images from this period in history that particularly interests you. Based on what you’ve observed, what are the key visual components to this design movement?

After your research is done you will be designing on your own (not as a group). Choose one of the three topic options for subject matter/text.


What will be due the week of April 17th:
A print out of your 15” x 20” poster and a composite PDF which includes the following:

• A paragraph or two about the key visual components of what inspire you most about the International Typographic Style. Show a couple of sample images to illustrate what you mean.
• 10 unique sketches (1 sketch per page) that works with alignments, groupings, creating simple hierarchies, and allows for negative space.

* (OPTIONAL: Add snapshots of some of your design iterations as you worked towards your final design to show how your design progressed.)

• Your final design
• Your final design with the underlying grid structure visible

For next week:
Choose ONLY ONE extended typeface family. Create 10 readable thumbnail sketches (using a scaled down version of the correct poster size). Sketch out your designs in pencil using printed grid thumbnails, as shown in class. (If you prefer, you may also “sketch” by blocking out the text digitally but keep each paragraph of text in it’s own textblock for sketching flexibility.)

Bring your favorite sketch to the computer (or get classmates to help you vet the best option). Design your poster from your sketch. Bring all of your sketches to class and print out your digital poster, scaled to fit on 12” x 18” paper.

**********************Bring your Elam, Grid Systems book next week.*********************

Files for Project 1:

Choose one of the 3 given topics and choose only one of the logos for your chosen client.
Project 1

Required Reading:

Types of Grids (pdf)
Grid Layout Restraint (pdf)

Sites to help Jumpstart your Research:

Design is History
History of Graphic Design

Lessons from Swiss Style Graphic Design

Swiss Typographic Style History


"How To" Files:

Creating InDesign Grid Thumbnails (pdf)
Chapter 1: Under Document Essentials >> Determining the Number of Columns, Sketching Thumbnails, and Blocking out areas of content

Chapter 3: Under Creating a Document >> Only Setting the Margin and Column Guides

Chapter 4: Under Managing Pages >> Only Changing Page Size

079 Using ruler guides: 10 great tricks (Lynda.com)

Grids without using columns and guides


Look at these sites:

The 3 x 4 Grid
The Grid System

Explorations in Typography

Ellen Lupton: Types of Grids (from Thinking with Type book)

Introduction to Grids for screen media
Introduction to Grids: 7 basic tips

960 Grid System