WEEK 3: The week of October 9th – October 13th

Magazine Brands: what's in/out of brand

In class:

In class exercise: Recognizing what's in/out of brand.

Spend 15 minutes looking at your magazine's mood board/opening spreads and answering the questions from the Recognizing Brand Checklist.pdf below.

Use These Files/Resources for Your In-Class Exercise:

Recognizing Brand Checklist.pdf

One you complete your brand check list, meet with your peer-to-peer feedback groups (and small crit groups with me: half the class). Use your Opening Spreads Checklist.pdf below to help guide your peer-to-peer feedback groups.

Use These Files/Resources for Your In-Class Exercise:

Opening Spreads Checklist.pdf


Refine your opening spreads for your feature articles based off in class feedback. Begin laying out the features remaining portions for all 3 feature articles.



How To Files: Style Your Document
Chapter 1: Paragraph and Character Styles (Lynda.com)
Chapter 4: Applying a Style Sequence (Lynda.com)

Chapter 3: Using Styles (advanced Lynda.com)

Chapter 5: Object styles (Lynda.com)

Chapter 099: Placing an object where you want it with an object style (Lynda.com)

How To Files: Design Details
Chapter 5: Setting text inset and vertical justification (Lynda.com)
Chapter 13: Adding rule lines above/below a paragraph (Lynda.com)
Chapter 5: Applying and finessing text wraps (Lynda.com)

Chapter 030: Making Professional Drop Caps (Lynda.com)

Cheat Sheet for Drop Caps, Spacing, Rules, Keep Options from Adobe.com (site)
Cheat Sheet for Drop Caps and Nested Styles from Adobe.com (site)

Chapter 4: Advanced Text and Typography

Indesign keyboard shortcuts (pdf file)
34 Typographic Sins (pdf file)







Style/Concept Board Template (.indt file)

Sections of a magazine: Editorial Order (pdf)

General editorial order of a magazine (pdf file)

Magazine Page Size Options (pdf file)

Common ad sizes within a magazine (pdf file)

Sample grid structures for a magazine (pdf file)

Reader Personas (pdf file)


Flatplan template (.indt file)

Final presentation document (.indt file)


General Magazine Roles (pdf)

Production Cycles (pdf)


Potential components: feature article (pdf)

Feature article: labeled components (pdf)


Good Body Text (pdf)

Good Body Text Checklist (pdf)


*Mixing typefaces (pdf)*

*Font Combinations (pdf)*

19 Top Fonts in 19 Top Combinations (pdf file)


Type Classifications: Review from last year (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces: Review from last year (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces: Samples (pdf)



Mood Boards: Dressing for Different Occasions

Flat plan (site)

Magazine Columns (site)

Magazine Columns Part 2 (site)

The Future of Creativity (start at 10min into the video for Project Context) video


General Magazine Roles (site)

*Fonts in Use (I love this site)*

How To Choose The Right Face For A Beautiful Body (site)

Selecting typefaces for body text (site)


29 Principles for making great font combinations (site)

Four Techniques for Combining Fonts (site)


Type Palettes (site)

Combining type with Helvetica (site)

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces (site)

Type Connection Game (site)

Publishers Diversify Their Businesses with Innovative Brand Extensions

Decisive Strategic Shift Toward Ecommerce

When Commerce and Content Converge

Lucky Magazine blends content and Commerce (video)

7 Ways Print Magazines Are Using Social Media to Engage Readers

How Magazines Use Analytics to Refine Digital Initiatives

The Podcast Opportunity for Publishers


Media Metrics: Industry Trends and Forecasts for Magazines, Digital Circulation,

Social Media, Tablets, Print, Books, Internet Use, and More

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