WEEK 8: The week of November 13th – november 17th

Production & Lab Day


In class:

Ed Harrington will be in to give a demo on perfect binding (in house) to show you how magazines are created.


Peer-to-peer reviews and small group crits. Lab time.



1. Refine and finish your magazine cover & masthead design, and your table of contents page(s) based off of your established style/concept board and classroom feedback.

2. Continue working on your magazine...


Click on these links:

How to print your magazine signatures (pdf file)












Style/Concept Board Template (.indt file)

Sections of a magazine: Editorial Order (pdf)

General editorial order of a magazine (pdf file)

Magazine Page Size Options (pdf file)

Common ad sizes within a magazine (pdf file)

Sample grid structures for a magazine (pdf file)

Reader Personas (pdf file)


Flatplan template (.indt file)

Final presentation document (.indt file)


General Magazine Roles (pdf)

Production Cycles (pdf)


Potential components: feature article (pdf)

Feature article: labeled components (pdf)


Good Body Text (pdf)

Good Body Text Checklist (pdf)


*Mixing typefaces (pdf)*

*Font Combinations (pdf)*

19 Top Fonts in 19 Top Combinations (pdf file)


Type Classifications: Review from last year (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces: Review from last year (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces: Samples (pdf)


Capabilities of screen based magazines (pdf)


Potential Brand Expansion Channels (pdf)


Indesign keyboard shortcuts (pdf file)

34 Typographic Sins (pdf file)


50 Sketches Template (pdf file)


Print Cover Terminology (pdf file)

Magazine Barcode (eps file)

Magazine Barcode (png file)


How to print your magazine signatures (pdf)



Mood Boards: Dressing for Different Occasions

Flat plan (site)

Magazine Columns (site)

Magazine Columns Part 2 (site)

The Future of Creativity (start at 10min into the video for Project Context) video


General Magazine Roles (site)

*Fonts in Use (I love this site)*

How To Choose The Right Face For A Beautiful Body (site)

Selecting typefaces for body text (site)


29 Principles for making great font combinations (site)

Four Techniques for Combining Fonts (site)


Type Palettes (site)

Combining type with Helvetica (site)

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces (site)

Type Connection Game (site)

Digital Magazine Winners 2015


Major US magazine producers:
Condé Nast

Hearst Corporation

Time Inc



Ways to produce/publish magazines:

Digital Publishing Suite





Publishers Diversify Their Businesses with Innovative Brand Extensions

When Commerce and Content Converge

7 Ways Print Magazines Are Using Social Media to Engage Readers

How Magazines Use Analytics to Refine Digital Initiatives

Media Metrics: Industry Trends and Forecasts for Magazines, Digital Circulation,
Social Media, Tablets, Print, Books, Internet Use, and More

Magazine lettering projects (video)

Five Key Trends for Magazine Media in 2015
Digital Innovation in magazines




Cover Browser: Magazine Covers

Historical Magazine Samples

Magazine Art (covers and ads)


Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Last 40 Years

Controversial Magazine Covers

Mashable: Iconic Magazine Covers


Vogue Covers 1900's – 2010's

GQ Covers 1950's – 2010's

Time Covers 1930's – 2010's


The New Yorker Covers 1920’s – 2010’s

Print Magazine Covers 1940’s – 1950’s

Sunset Magazine Covers & Logos 1890’s – 1990’s

Brief History of Magazines (site)


How to simulate gold leaf in Photoshop

How to simulate letterpress

How to simulate text burned into wood

How to simulate text in metal

How to simulate distressed texture in Photoshop