WEEK 4: Oct 16th – OCT 20tH
Imagery and ICONS

In class:

What kind of career paths are available in our industry and how does the program feed into industry needs.

We will be reviewing your in class exercise and your homework.


There will be a presentation on the works of Chermayeff & Geismer. A brainstorming exercise using a matrix will follow.

Homework Warm-Up Exercise:

You will be creating a stylized fruit image/icon, vegetable image/icon, or animal image/icon which is appropriate for an industry. You will need to show your initial sketch as well as your refinement steps and the final iteration in black and white (shades of grey are permitted), on 2, 8.5” X 11” sheets of paper.

Render & Stylize. You will acquire a fruit or vegetable or animal and an Industry through random selection. Start by sketching ideas. Chose your strongest idea. Use tracing paper to help you refine and stylize your idea. Sketch iterations could play with positive/negative space, distortion, exaggeration, simplification, dimensionality to distill the essence of the subject chosen. Simplify your work, giving it grace and/or movement, While your final solution needs to be black, consider different media in your process; Xerox machine, marker on newsprint, charcoal, texture, scribbling (no computer yet). You will go through different iterations of tracing/exagerating/reducing as you continue to refine and stylize your fruit or vegetable. While your intermediate steps can be rough, your final comp needs to be crystal clear, black and white (shades of grey are permitted). Finished work will be reviewed in our next class.



Required reading:
Design FAQs (site)

Recommended reading:
Landa Chapter 6 (To read just the chapter notes click here)

What Classes We Offer:
Our 2 Year Program





Elements of Design (PDF file)

Gestalt Presentation (PDF file)

Armin Hoffman (PDF file)

Edward Fella & Paula Scher (PDF file)

Chermayeff & Geismar (PDF file)

Saul Bass (PDF file)

Multiple Designers (PDF file)



Syllabus (PDF file)

Anatomy of letters (PDF)

Critique Guide (PDF file)

Typeface choices (PDF file)

Logo Process (PDF file)

Chapter 1 & 2 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 3 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 4 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 5 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 6 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 7 Outline (PDF file)

Chapter 8 Outline (PDF file)



Using the Classroom Scanner (PDF file)

How to Survive Critique

Critique Guide (PDF file)

Prepping your 2x2 shape

Printing b&w and color (PDF file)

Loading fonts into Suitcase (PDF file)



Anatomy of letters

Pentagram site (Paula Scher)

Paula Scher video

Edward Fella site (Personal site)

Chermayeff & Geismar

Frida Clements

Invisible Creature

Emory Douglas

Jeff Kleinsmith / Patent Pending industries

Jessie LeDoux / LeDouxville

Sasha Barr

Gig Posters

American Poster Institute

13 African American Graphic Designers You Should Know, Part 1

13 African American Graphic Designers You Should Know, Part 2

Kenya Hara

Saki Mafundikwa

Jessica Walsh

AIGA symbol sets

Ji Lee - Word As Image

Visual Words/Wordmarks



Cooper Sinai-Yumker

Gabriel Herrin

Yasu Fukada

Janell Langford

Jessica Ornelas

Sam To

Jake Breish

Annette Borowski

Peter Wogstad

Nathaniel Bergstein

McKenna Nicole Green

Wynn Adele Barnard