WEEK 5: Oct 23rd – Oct 27th
LOGOS—Sometimes called Wordmarks/combination marks

In class:

Design FAQs (site)

This week we'll be reviewing your fruit/vegetable/animal/industry symbols.


There will be a presentation which will show the progression and direction of our projects from simple lettermarks to more complex symbols. Student work will be showcased.


Create a combination mark for two unconnected subjects. Your work for next week will consist of 2, 8.5” x 11” pieces of white paper. The first piece of paper will have a refined sketch image for your combination mark. The second piece of paper will have the typed name (e.g. SnackChat) using 3 different typefaces.

Choose one from the following options:

Coconut Creamery: A Hawaiian alternative ice cream shop which makes dairy-free healthy alternative ice creams, would like a logo for the signage of their brick and mortar shop and website. The client would like to some aspect of fruit/vegetable or the tree/plant with some aspect of frozen dessert and/or tropical feeling or beach.

Big Horn Hardware: A Colorado based hardware store chain — who provides tools and home repair goods — would like a logo that could be used for signage as well on their gear and their website. The client would like some reference to a strong/powerful horned animal and tools or home or building materials.

SnackChat: A company that created an Instagram like app for foodies where people can post/share images of food &/or recipes 7/or conversations about food would like a logo. They would like the image in the logo to be able to be used as their app icon. The client would like their logo to have some reference to an element of food and photography and/or communication.

Brainstorms ideas using a matrix and then sketch out your concepts. Create at least 50 thumbnail sketch ideas. Choose one of the sketches and refine it using any of the design processes we have been learning in class. Once you have sketched your ideas, choose 3 different typefaces from the following list which could best work with the style of your design.

Click here for list of typeface choices for homework assignment (PDF file)

You will have 2 weeks to work on this combination mark. For this week solidify your idea and refine your image. Typeset the name of your store on a separate piece of paper in the three font faces which you think would possibly work with your image. Use a sharpie, ink pen or computer for your combination mark. Make sure final mark has crisp edges, only black and white. Bring all sketches and refined work-in-progress design to class for small group discussions and critique.



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"How to" files:
Typeface choices for homework assignment (PDF file)



Elements of Design (PDF file)

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Chermayeff & Geismar (PDF file)

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Using the Classroom Scanner (PDF file)

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Critique Guide (PDF file)

Prepping your 2x2 shape

Printing b&w and color (PDF file)

Loading fonts into Suitcase (PDF file)



Anatomy of letters

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