WEEK 6: The week of May 8th


Peer-to-peer (possibly second years) feedback and small group feedback sessions.

Lab time to work on my project.


Homework: Refine and Finish project 2 — Manuscript, Hierarchical and Multi-column grids

Complete Project 2 based off of in-class feedback. Finish your ad and place it within your article. Work on your micro-typography: kerning, letter spacing, tracking, word spacing, leading, line lengths, typographic sins, etc.

What will be due next week:

• A print out of your full article with your full page advertisement.

• A composite PDF which includes the following:

— Your article layout and ad with underlying grid showing

— Your final article layout and ad WITHOUT the grid showing














In class: Grid Exercise n.1

In class: Grid Exercise n.2

In class: Grid Exercise n.3

In class: Type Combinations Groups

In class: Style Sheets



Types of Grids (pdf)

Grid Layout Restraint (pdf)

The Grid (pdf)


Brainstorming Techniques (pdf)

Style Board Template (.indt file)


Choosing Typefaces 1 (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces 2 (pdf)

Choosing Typefaces 3 (pdf)


Classic Serifs (pdf)

Classic San Serifs (pdf)


Setting typographic space — Indesign (pdf)

Kerning/Leading Key Commands (pdf)

Indesign key commands (jpg)


Letter Spacing (pdf)

Measurements (pdf)

Punctuation (pdf)


34 Typographic Sins (pdf)

Creating InDesign Grid Thumbnails (pdf)


Binding Styles and Brochure Folds (pdf)

Paper Folds (pdf)

Imposition (pdf)



Chapter 4: Leading

Chapter 5: Kerning and Tracking

Chapter 6: Small But Important Details

Chapter 7: Alignment

Chapter 7: Understanding the Paragraph and Single-Line Composer


Chapter 8: Alternative Brochure Styles

Chapter 1: Under Document Essentials >> Determining the Number of Columns, Sketching Thumbnails, and Blocking out areas of content

Chapter 3: Under Creating a Document >> Only Setting the Margin and Column Guides

Chapter 4: Under Managing Pages >>
Changing Page Size

079 Using ruler guides: 10 great tricks (


Chapter: Using Find/Change to clean up text


The 3 x 4 Grid

The Grid System

Grid Based

Explorations in Typography





Mood Boards: Dressing for different...

How to Create Mood Boards: 30 Expert Tips


Color / Trend Forecasting: Pantone

Color / Trend Forecasting: Franklin Till

Color: Kuler


Color Fun 1: Color Scheme Designer

Color Fun 1 Pantonism

Color Fun 1: Plenty of Colour

Color Fun 1: Color Collective


Mohawk Paper

French Paper

Neenah Paper

Reich Paper

GF Smith

Paper: Kelly Paper

Folding Brochure Sizes


Binding Styles and Brochure Folds (pdf)

Paper Folds (pdf)

Imposition (pdf)


Eight tips for combining typefaces

Four techiques for combining fonts

7 typographic resources, and 1 type joke

Just my type — A collection of font pairings from Typekit